Patrick M. Boucher is a member of the national Authors Guild and a member of the Colorado Authors League.


Nanotechnology: Legal Aspects
This book provides a thorough but comprehensible overview of different legal doctrines that are relevant to nanotechnology and explains how they may apply in the development, commercialization, and use of nano-products. The book is divided into three parts that correspond to the different phases in the lifecycle of nano-products: Protection, Regulation, and Liability. The in-depth coverage of these topics in a single source sets this work apart from others at the interface of law and nanoscience.

Full Table of Contents.

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The JuriScientia blog publishes brief articles about once a week on different aspects of law and science and how those two disciplines interact. The scope of topics is diverse and include such things as regulation of cellular telephones, the social relevance of arson science, lawsuits arising from global climate change, and many other topics.

Perspectives in Nanotechnology Series

Nanotechnology: Legal Aspects is part of the Perspectives in Nanotechnology series, a multi-volume exploration of different societal issues raised by nanotechnology, including ethical aspects, health and environmental aspects, business development aspects, and medical aspects. Each book is written by a different author.  Future volumes of the series are expected to address workforce development and future development of nanotechnology.


Judge, Jury, and Geek

Currently in preparation, this book explores the interface between law and science in a more comprehensive but still accessible way. A copy of the introduction is available here and a copy of the planned Table of Contents is available here.


The Enchanted Glass

A Gift of Truth

The Hands of Esau