Patrick has published scientific research in the areas of astrophysics, nuclear physics, and condensed-matter physics.  Examples of his peer-reviewed publications appear below.

Many-Body Correlation Effects on the Longitudinal Response in the Quasielastic (e,e’) Reaction
P.M. Boucher and J.W. Van Orden, 43 Physical Review C 582 (1991).

Quenching of Spin Dipole Strength in 40Ca
P.M. Boucher and B. Castel, 41 Physical Review C 786 (1990).

Pion Scattering in 208Pb and Nuclear Surface Effects
B. Castel, P.M. Boucher, and H. Toki, 15 Journal of Physics G L237 (1989).

Can One Observe the Spin Monopole Resonance in 208Pb?
P.M. Boucher and B. Castel, 40 Physical Review C 2897 (1989).

Isospin Dependence of the Isoscalar Giant Quadrupole Resonance:  Relevance to Pion Scattering in the Ni Isotopes
P.M. Boucher and B. Castel, A334 Zeitschrift Fur Physik 381 (1989).

Many Particle – Many Hole Nuclear Correlations and the Missing Charge Problem
P.M. Boucher, B. Castel, Y. Okuhara, and H. Sagawa, 196 Annals of Physics 150 (1989).

Spin Excitations in Light Nuclei:  The Effect of Projectile Energy
P.M. Boucher, B. Castel and Y. Okuhara, 40 Physical Review C 453 (1989).

Spin Excitations in Light Nuclei:  The (p,p’) Reaction on 40Ca
P.M. Boucher, B. Castel, I.P. Johnstone, Y. Okuhara, and C. Glashausser, A333 Zeitschrift fur Physik 137 (1989).

The Missing Charge Problem:  A Microscopic Approach to Many Particle – Many Hole Correlations
H. Sagawa, P.M. Boucher, Y. Okuhara, and B. Castel, B219 Physics Letters 10 (1989).

Spin-flip Excitations in a Schematic Model
P.M. Boucher, B. Castel, Y. Okuhara, I.P. Johnstone, J. Wambach, and T. Suzuki, 37 Physical Review C 906 (1988).

Hydrostatic Confinement of Radio Jets
Kayll Lake and Patrick Boucher, 314 Astrophysical Journal 507 (1987).

A Fast Numerical Evaluation of Heavy Ion Scattering Variables
P.J. Scanlon, P.M. Boucher, and B. Castel, B16 Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Research 301 (1985).